Don’t Settle for Anything Less than True Black & White

How does Fromex's Black & White printing compare to other printing methods? We use the true Black and White photographic chemical process in the development of each print - not a color or inkjet process. If you're looking for black & white, get true black & white

Fromex combines the advancements of digital photography with the timeless aesthetic and archival properties of true black & white printing. Using Fuji Frontier state-of-the-art digital laser technology and Ilford’s new silver gelatin papers, we bring your photographic work to life in beautiful, continuous tone prints that will last a lifetime. This is the B&W process that digital camera owners have been wanting for years

Fromex True Black & White is one of the first USA-based labs to combine laser technology and classic black & white printing. Most labs print digital black & white prints on color paper, resulting in inconsistent tonality and color shifts. Fromex does not. Many labs also create digital black & white prints on color inkjet paper, resulting in muddy tones, bronzing, and color variance. Fromex does not

Here are a few of the distinct advantages:

Ilford Digital Silver Paper