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Upload your digital files to obtain True Black and White Prints

We use the real Black & White photographic chemical process in a Fuji Frontier Silver Edition Digital Printer. Your prints will be printed on Ilford Galerie Digital Silver Black & White RC paper. These are TRUE BLACK & WHITE prints, not inkjet and not printed "near black and white" on color photo paper. This is one of the finest quality digital Black & White printing methods available today.

We are now offering these outstanding archival prints in sizes from 3½x5 to 10x15 inches, on glossy or pearl Ilford B&W paper, and with your choice of borderless or white borders. Your pictures will be ready at Fromex Photo & Digital in Long Beach, California for pickup the next Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 5pm, or you can safely pay online with a credit card through STRIPE or PayPal and have them mailed to you.

Don't forget to review your cropping
Very Important: When selecting a size for your prints, be sure to check how the image will be cropped by clicking on the edit link. Selecting a print size that has a different aspect ratio than your image file will result in your photo being cropped. Look before you send it; we don't want to have to make a cropping decision for you!      *All files for uploading must be in the standard JPG format*

Order B&W Enlargements up to 40"x60"
B&W prints larger than 10x15 are printed on true B&W giclee wide format equipment. You can order them from our Fromex Photo & Digital website here: Fromex B&W Enlargement page.​

Film processing for color print or slide film
If you want to send color print or slide film along with your B&W film, visit our Fromex Photo & Digital website at fromex.com for information about mail order film processing.​

True Black & White Print ​Pricing for Digital Files

Digital print orders and film reprints: These prices are for true black and white prints from digital files submitted through our online ordering system, submitted on CD or DVD, and for reprints made from film. All prints are available in glossy or pearl finish, and with no borders or white borders. The quantity breaks are for duplicate prints from the same digital file.

Print Sizes 1-24 prints 25-99 Prints 100+ Prints
2½x3½, 3½x5, 4x5, 4x5.3 and 4x6 $ 1.45 $ 1.00 $ 0.60
4x8, 4x10, 5x5, 5x6 $ 1.95 $ 1.25 $ 0.70
5x7, 5x7½ $ 4.95 $ 2.95 $ 1.50
8x10 $ 9.95 $ 5.95 $ 3.95
8x12, 8½x11, 9x12 $ 10.95 $ 5.95 $ 3.95
10x10 $ 11.95 $ 6.95 $ 4.50
10x12 $ 13.95 $ 8.95 $ 5.50
10x15 $ 16.95 $ 10.95 $ 6.50

Order Color Prints
If you want to send color prints along with your B&W prints, visit our Fromex Photo & Digital website at fromex.com to order from our online X-Wire order page.

More information about our True Black & White printing services

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